Viewing Grief Through The Trauma Lens

Viewing Grief Through The Trauma Lens
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Viewing Grief Through The Trauma Lens Workshop
Grief is often viewed as an unwanted interruption to the human life cycle. The feelings of loss and sadness do not go away easily or quickly, and survivors feel as if they are not surviving. The efforts of these wives, husbands, children, parents, and friends, to get their lives ordered and back to routine can be quite overwhelming. Not only is their loved one gone, but so too is simplicity and normality. Everything has become hard. Everything is in flux. What is needed now, more than anything, is a moment to breathe, a way to carry on, and a direction for the next step.

Dr. Roderick Logan, a certified family trauma professional, in partnership with Billy's Place, is presenting the workshop, Viewing Grief Through the Trauma Lens; offering insight into how grief and trauma are related, and how a person’s brain and body reacts in the midst of death and loss. With compassion and sensitivity, Dr. Logan will progressively help participants to begin contextualizing their loss in such a way as to expand their capacities for today; and the days to come. Throughout the workshop, lectures and discussions will revolve around topics like:
• There and Then vs. Here and Now
• Ability to Hurt = Ability to Heal
• Getting Wise to Language, Gives Weight to Voice
• Rhythm and Rhymes, Raising Resilience
We hope you can join us, for what perhaps will be a turning point for you, and maybe for someone you love.

Bio - Dr. Roderick Logan, DPTh, CFTP
Since 1981, Dr. Roderick Logan has provided counsel and direction for individuals and families impacted by trauma. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Grand Canyon University, a Master’s in Biblical Counseling, a Doctorate in Practical Theology, and is a Certified Family Trauma Professional with the Arizona Trauma Institute and the International Association of Trauma Professionals.

Dr. Logan teaches psycho-education and is a trauma professional with Christian Family Care Agency, in Phoenix, Arizona. He coaches parents, who are adopting children from Arizona’s foster care system, to understand the neurological and physiological aspects of attachment trauma; leading mothers and fathers to become trauma-informed parents.

Roderick and his wife, Melody, have been married thirty-eight years. Together, they raised three children and have eight grandchildren.

Roderick’s life theme is: I am a man in a row boat,
rowing backwards into the future.

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