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L-l-l-law *burps* students of QUTLS, exams have arrived as quickly as a zap of a portal gun, so we must give you some incentive to keep studying and get through those pesky exams. If only you could ask a Mr Meeseeks to study for you…

QUTLS would like to invite you to our 5th installment of #letsgetrekt, a way to get riggity-riggity rekt after exams with your fellow learned geniuses. Don’t be *burps* a Jerry and not be in attendance, y-y-y-y-*burps*ou gotta come Morty, err we mean you, you gotta come.

Please note that wristbands to access the BAR TAB will go quicker than McDonalds discontinued Sczchaun sauce, so look out for posts on how to get them. However if you miss out during the week, some generous QUTLS Exec might be handing them out prior at the hallowed grounds of the Shadow Lounge.

Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! See you there!

// Event details: //
Date: 23 June 2017
Time: 5pm until late (happy hour is from 5-7pm)
Venue: Jade Buddha Bar on Eagle Street
Bar tab will be provided and it will start from 7pm when happy hour ends(accessible via wristbands)

How to get your wristband: L Card = Wristband. L Cards can be purchased here (www.qutlslcard.getqpay.com) and must be picked up from the QUTLS Office (C402) before #letsgetrekt5

Wristband drop: TBC

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