Energy106 proudly presents Alice DJ, Flip & Fill & Guests!

Event Ended
Event Ended

Hello Space Cadets!
It’s your captain speaking!

We love every Energy 106 fan, follower & listener out there- regardless of what planet you come from and we’re very pleased to announce that…..

After working very hard behind the scenes with both the venue & artists management teams, we’re proud to say that we’ve protected our brand and reclaimed the mothership…. I mean ownership of Alice DJ & Flip & Fill event taking place in Mandela Hall on June 24th and are back in the captain’s chair!

Come along and hear the original Energy106 line up Stevie B, Tommy B, Dru R & Genie MC along with Shooting Star legend Flip N Fill & of course Alice DJ- We’re glad she’s back in our lives!
And don’t worry… there won’t be a storm trooper anywhere in sight!

So if you haven’t got your ticket yet for an event that’s bound to be out of this world- beam yourself over to Glistrr using the hyper speed… I mean hyperlink -

VIP now available also priced £20

God speed!!!

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