Brisbane Yoga Day Festival

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You're Invited to Australia's biggest, fastest growing yoga party!

Join the world wide celebrations for the United Nations International Day of Yoga at YOGA DAY FESTIVAL BRISBANE, a community conscious event featuring fun and flowing yoga asana classes, tribal yoga dance fusion, deep relaxation, yoga breathing, exciting kid’s games and activities, live music and kirtan (yoga chant), trance dance, yoga wisdom talks and deep peace meditation. Plus a great lineup of exciting market stalls. Last year’s event was so amazing and inspiring and we’re planning an even better event this year so stay tuned on facebook for regular updates!

Yoga! Flow through fun, creative sequences for all levels and rock your asana with great music and good vibes.

Trance Yoga! Super fun, challenging flow class that will shake up a yoga world that sometimes takes itself a little too seriously. This will be practiced to trance music and morph off into a joyful trance dance with popular trance band Moonfire.

Tribal Flow Yoga Dance Fusion! A dynamic, flowing yoga/dance fusion practised to the healing vibrations of the Didgeridoo and drumming, guaranteed to boost your energy levels, wipe stress from your body, put a smile on your face and leave you feeling amazing!

Meditation! Take a break and learn to meditate at our Meditation Booth, there'll be classes all day long!

Trance Dance! Giving you the complete experience that is known as "Trance Experience". It’s the Beat for your feet, Mantras for the soul, Melodies from the heart, but overall it is a complete and immersive experience that could be summed up as ‘party naturally’, and ‘dance till you drop’, ‘sing along if you want to’ and ‘let the music and mantras take you away’. This is Moonfire the Trance Experience.

Breathing! Otherwise known as pranayam will get the breath flowing deep into the lungs, expanding every cell and filling your whole with life-giving energy.

Relaxation! Lie back while we guide you through an oasis of deep relaxation that will transport you to a place of pure relaxation of body, mind and heart.

Kirtan! The ancient chants of India to the melodies, beats and rhythms of the modern world. Get your mantra on with awesome kirtan bands Pralad 'n the Chants, Soul Sistas and West End Kirtan Collective and be part of an amazing interactive muscial experience known as Kirtan.

Wisdom! Explore the deep truth and beauty of yoga philosophy with inspiring yoga wisdom talks at our 'Yoga of Wisdom' speakers lounge.

Family Fun Yoga! Free Kids yoga adventures, yoga dance, songs and yoga games. Colour in a beautiful mandala and make your own meditation craft to take home.

Food! Deliciously nourishing vego/vegan whole foods plus decadent treats. Stay tuned for all the details.

Community! Enjoy the company of like minded individuals and feel the difference we can make when we come together in a supportive, uplifting way.

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