The Dock Market's Maritime Markets!

Event Ended
16 Jun 11:00 - 18 Jun 18:00

The DOCK Market

Event Ended

By PDQ 3 Days
Dolly Dolally 3 Days
Edwina Fairydoorstore 3 Days
Ladybird Designs Saturday/Sunday
Upstyle Originals 3 Days
SheeDee Cards Friday/ Sunday
Little Lady’s Buttons Saturday
Stamped by Elle and Bee Sunday

Baked in Belfast 3 Days
Do me a flavour 3 Days
Ke Nako Biltong 3 Days
My Freeality Friday/ Saturday
The Waffle Hut 3 Days
Camran Marshmallows Friday
Sprinkles & Crumbs Saturday/Sunday

General Artisans
Naomi Jordan 3 Days
P&K; Designs Saturday/Sunday
Ratty Tat Hats 3 Days
The Dribbly Yak 3 Days
Abandoned NI Saturday
Jane's Teds Friday
Belfast Candle Co. Saturday/ Sunday
C Black Photo Friday/ Sunday
Danny McMachon Saturday
Louisa Kelly Artist Saturday
Rainbows and Love Friday
Secret Stash 3 days
Paul Fox Art Saturday

Health/ Personal Care
Triple Spiral Therapy 3 Days
Belfast Beard Company Sunday

LR Jewellery 3 Days
Bluebell Jewellery Saturday
NI Silver Friday/ Saturday
Ratbags Jewellery 3 Days
Rock Junkie Jewellery Friday/ Saturday

Love Creative Therapy 3 Days
Sew over the Rainbow 3 Days

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