The Cat Art Show

Event Ended
24 Jun 16:00 - 25 Jun 17:00

Texas Art Asylum, 1719 Live Oak, Unit L

Event Ended

The Texas Art Asylum is proud to present “The Cat Art Show.”

We're so catty! Who better to host a Cat Art show?!

Over 100 artists are putting some whiskers on it this weekend, in every medium you can imagine.

Show times are Saturday, June 24th from 4-9pm, and Sunday, June 25th from 1-5pm, at 1719 Live Oak, Houston, Texas.

Crafty kid fun from 4-7pm on Saturday.
Frosty cold beverages for young and old throughout.

And, make sure to come hungry, because the Boombox Taco will be on-site with tacos done right.

A portion of the proceeds from this show will benefit Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Participating artists include:
Alice Le
Alisa Farnham
Ana Soto
Analise Torres
Ardith Hoak
Ashley Aleman
Autumn Vann
Barbara Elmore
Bonnie Blue
Brenda Gutierrez
Brian Ohijai
Bridget Fernandes
Cameron Strong
Catalina Noyola
Catfish Perez
Cathy Hookey
Christian Carr
Christopher Arce
Claissa Saucedo
Crystal Lyke
Daniel Brock Taylor
Dawn Radcliffe
Debra Simms
Diane DeGaetani
Doug Hiser
Dran Alessi
Edie Wells
Elaine Bradford
Eleanor Smithard
Elise Haghgoo
Erica Tso
Esmeralda Sanchez
Francisco Flores
fuzzy grapefruit
Gabriel Agave
Hannah Davis
Hayley Heartfield
Isla Jiang
Jaz Henry
Jeremy Flint
Joanna Finlaison
Jodi Larson
Joe Rodriguez
Jordan Campbell
Joshua Hernandez
Julie Trevino
Justin Baehr
Karim Ghonima
Karin Rabe
Kathy Drago
Kayla Howard
Kenneth Smith
Kevin Wagner
Lady BARGE & Jessica Schroeder
Laura Davidson
Lauren Rubin
Leah Bydalek
Lily Gavalas
Liz Hill
Lynn Ganschinietz
Mallorie Giasson
Manar Aneed
Marissa Rodriguez
Matt Lindsay
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Farnham
Mel Hull
Milo Equivel
Miz R
Mortimer Ex
Niklas Oberfeld
Penny Round
Quentin Bartholomew
Rachel Wilkins
Rebecca Finley
Renee Victor
Richard Ortiz
Robin Orta
Sam VanBibber
Sasha Blaschka
Silvia Majocchi
Stephani Hill Vidrine
Steve Fisher
Susie Perez
Sylvia Larkin
Taryn Gray
Valerie Gudell
Victoria Booth
William Gilstrap
Yi Wang
And more!

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