International Strongman Cup 2017

Event Ended
Event Ended

#MSF presents

"International Strongman Cup 2017" sponsored by #Xplosiveape

£2500 Prizemoney

1st place £1000 cash
2nd place £600 cash
3rd place £400 cash
4th place £300 cash
5th place £200 cash


1. Log Press for max weight starting at 150kg

2. Deadlift 320kg for reps straight bar (60 seconds) H2H

3. Super Yoke 420kg (20 meters) H2H

4. Farmers walk 150kg per hand (max distance 'grip test') H2H

5. Atlas Stone 185kg reps (60 seconds) H2H

Athletes coming from all over the world to take part in this contest, Invite only.

All athletes will wear #Xplosiveape
t-shirts and shorts.

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