Rope Bite - September

Rope Bite - September
Event Ended
24 Sep 16:00 - 23:00

Club 200, 190 Garry Street

Event Ended

A little bit about what Rope Bite is........

Who: Open to all people above the age of 18 who are open minded and looking to learn about all aspects of Rope Art in a safe, non threatening environment with like minded people and good drinks.

***Note: As this is a bar, please bring ID to ensure that you can get in. The kitchen will be open in case you get the munchies!***

What: More than just a Munch, Rope Bite is a CommUNITY, a Skill Share & an Open Mic all rolled into one.

Rope Bite is the perfect opportunity to see someone tie or get tied up, try your hand at tying someone up or getting tied up, or practice stuff that you want to brush up on! If you don't have your own rope, don't worry, we have loaner rope for you to get started with.

At any given Rope Bite, you may be rubbing shoulders with rope newbies, experienced rope bondage bottoms as well as leaders in the Rope Bondage CommUNITY.

Why: Why knot? The rope bondage CommUNITY is one of sharing and exploration. Everyone loves to share new knots, new imagery, new partners and new skills. Meet in a very kink friendly atmosphere with wonderful drinks and freedom to be who you are and to share what you know.


Can I play at play at this event?
As long as it's safe and within the rules of the establishment, yes.
Clothing must be worn at all times (yoga wear, spandex, bandeaus, shorts, & other similiar choices are your friends), and shoes/socks are required. PLEASE do your damnedest to use COMMON SENSE. Feel free to ask any questions if you have doubts or any other questions.

Do I have to have my own rope?
If you've got your own rope, awesome! Bring it along! If not, there's a healthy pile of loaner rope as well as some rope for sale.

Do I have to participate or can I just hang out?
Come on out, see what the event is like & see what other like minded folk are doing! If you aren't comfortable playing, you can still ask questions and throw ideas around.

What if I don't have a partner to tie or to be tied by?
Come on out anyways, there'll usually be a spare person to tie or be tied!


All activities must be consensual for everyone involved.

No means NO
Yes means a negotiation is needed to clarify what you're comfortable with in a tie.

Work within your limits, abilities & safe zones.

Any photography must be against a wall such that only consenting people are in frame.

If help is needed or wanted, don't hesitate to ask an organizer.

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