Memphis Plays Legacy 16

Memphis Plays Legacy 16
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Memphis Plays Legacy 16

And we are back! We took a bit of a summer break in anticiaption of Comic Cellar's upcoming move to a new, larger location, and because putting 50 people in one room in July is all kinds of hot! This event will be BEFORE the move occurs, meaning it will be in the same great location as you have been to before.

Here are the details that you need to know!

Format: Legacy
Registration: 11:00am
Start: 12:pm
REL: Competitive
Entry Fee: $30 (cash prefered, credit cards accepted)
Proxies: Zero Proxies are allowed

Judge Staff:
Jeff Buckingham - Head Judge
TBA- Floor Judge

If you are interested in joining our staff as a judge, please apply by following this link:

Minimum Prizes (GUARANTEED regardless of attendance):
1st: $250 CASH
2nd: $150 CASH
3rd-4th: $75 CASH each
5th-8th: $50 CASH each

Minimum Prizes with at least 46 players:
1st: $400 CASH
2nd: $200 CASH
3rd-4th: $100 CASH each
5th-8th: $50 CASH each

Remember! Lacking the cards is not a reason to give up on the dream. We have plenty of spare decks and lots of extra cards. What we need to know is what YOU want to play, and we will help you!.


Location: Comic Cellar
3620 Austin Peay Hwy #2,
Memphis, TN 38128
(901) 382-8623

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