Cindy Wilson (of The B-52's) at The Bell House

Cindy Wilson (of The B-52's) at The Bell House
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Cindy Wilson (of The B-52's) at The Bell House

Cindy Wilson’s current endeavor is as far from The B-52s as one
can possibly imagine. Rather than shouting from the rooftops in
"The World’s Greatest Party Band", Wilson swoons and whispers
over swirls of subtle psychedelia, Quincy Jones-era strings, and
pulsing synths.

With echoes of Air, Bjork, Tame Impala, and Gary Numan, the
band refers to its infectious brand of new wave electro-pop as
"Turbo Chill,” a sonic synopsis offered by the hosts of Adult
Swim’s Stupid Morning Bullshit following the release of Wilson’s
solo debut EP, Sunrise. Two years in the making, Change offers a
challenge to fans of the iconic B-52’s, while cultivating a new
generation of listeners.

After four decades on the road internationally with The B-52s, Change represents a full circle for Wilson. Tapping into
her own local stock in order to start anew, Cindy returned to the same town that nurtured her own creative roots:
Athens, Georgia. Change features a “native” cast of Athenian musicians including Ryan Monahan (Easter Island,
Monahan), producer/engineer Suny Lyons (PacificUV, Dream Boat), Lemuel Hayes (Ola Moon, PacificUV), and Marie
Davon (powerkompany).

“It’s very different from a B-52’s show,” Wilson recently told PopMatters. “I get to play around with different ideas and
beautiful melodies. I don’t have to yell in a rock voice. I think you can get an emotional depth in the types of rooms
we’re playing that you can’t find in larger rooms.”

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