Manifesting Your True Potential

Manifesting Your True Potential
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It is well documented that many of the health, emotional and mental well being problems in our lives are the result of our stressful lifestyles. One of the major contributors to stress is that we are not doing the things we love, be it in our personal lives or at work. We may feel that we are not meeting our full potential and living the life we dream of, or perhaps the pace is just too much, as we struggle with the complexities of daily life in modern society. Manifestation is a tool of using your intent and believing in yourself as a divine creator who is responsible for your own reality and your ability to create a life you love to live.
Join Steve as he presents an interractive workshop on Manifesting your True Potential and introducing his new Soul Resonance techniques to bring happiness and healing to your life. Steve has been an advid researcher for many years and has been teaching and offering massage and energy healing for a couple years at the Creative Spirit Centre, and as a result of this he has developed Soul Resonance to help you help yourself.

Saturday 23d September

Cost $35.00

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