Bronze & Silver Eyelash Extensions Workshop, $590 + Free Kits

Bronze & Silver Eyelash Extensions Workshop, $590 + Free Kits
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04 Sep 09:30 - 05 Sep 15:30

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Event Ended


Course Cost: $590
Includes a FREE Training on each day of training.

Combo Bronze & Silver Class - 2 Full day Training
Monday & Tuesday

Please Note* Both Eyelash extension classes can be attended separately for $395 per class.

Welcome to this great opportunity to become a highly skilled and confident lash artist.
Simply by attending the Lash U lash, 2 full days of high quality training you have the opportunity to take yourself to the next level in lashing to become a recognised Accredited Eyelash Extension Technician.

On each day you will receive your very own training kit to assist in all aspects of course content on the day.

Day 1 - Bronze Classic Eyelash Extension Course is the First session works towards becoming an Accredited Eyelash Extension Technician, in this Full Day of Training
you will learn foundational product knowledge and do Four Hours of hands on practice in lashing on a mannequin head and a live model.
You will learn a variety of Eyelash Grafting Techniques, Foundational Lash Theory, Client Care Consult, Knowledge & skills in OH&S in products & the workplace for you & your future clients.

Day 2 - Silver Master class trains in techniques specialising in; Eyebrow Extensions, Bottom Lash extensions, Cluster Lashes, Fashion Lashes and Infill techniques!
There will be Theory & In-depth Practical session time on live models.

Bookings are essential as placement is limited.
Enquire at your local store today.

Day 1
Monday Start: 9:30 am Finish:4:30pm
Receive a FREE Training Kit valued over $150

Model requirements: Attendee’s to bring own Model free from make-up, wearing NO lashes applied, Or eye contact lenses.
Model at 12:30pm-4:30pm.
Each student is to arrange a model well in advance.

Day 2
Tuesday Start: 9:30am Finish: 3:30pm
Receive a FREE Training Kit valued over $150

Model requirements: Bring Own Model ALREADY WEARING LASHES. Model free from make-up, wearing NO eye contact lenses.
Model at 12:30pm- 3:30pm.

Email photos before and after for 8 clients to the Host Venue and Lash U Lashes will assess the photos for approval.
- Please include your Full Name, - the Date you did the course, - Your trainers name and the Venue in your email.
(Please allow 2-3 Weeks for your certificate to be approved before released to the host store.)

Final confirmation of class date:
No later than 14 days prior to scheduled course date. 10 days for Victorian Classes.

Attendee prerequisites:
An interest in Eyelash Extensions.

Attendee Requirements:
Bring Pen & paper.
Lunch is Provided*.
(*Any dietary restrictions, it is advised for you to supply your own food requirements)
Educator brings all working implements along.

Bonuses You will Receive On completion of
Day 1:
Receive FREE $150 Training Kit.
$110 BONUS Upgrade Voucher to redeem off the ‘Professional Kit’ Certificate upon successful completion!
2 Month Bronze VIP Membership!

Day 2:
Receive FREE $150 Training Kit!
$110 Voucher to redeem off the Platinum Eyelash Extension Accreditation Exam!
$55 Silver Master Class Kit Package Deal Voucher to redeem on the day of training!

Day 1 of Training:
9:30am: Lash Theory
10:30am: Live Demonstrations
11:20am: 1st Practical Application to a Mannequin Head
11:50am: 1st Removal of Lash from Mannequin Head
Midday: Lunch
12:30pm: 2nd Practical Lashing on Model
2:30pm: 2nd Removal of Lashes of Model
3:00pm: 3rd Practical Re-lashing of Model
Day 2 of Training:
9:30am: Theory
10:00am: Questionnaire
10:30am: Cluster Lashes
11:00am: Fashion Lashes
11:30am: Eyebrow Extensions
Midday: Lunch
12:30pm: Bottom Lash and Removal Model Demonstration
1:00pm: Lash Bottom Lashes
2:00pm: Removals of Top and Bottom Lashes
3:00pm: Summary

T & C’s
No course placement will be guaranteed without a payment at the time of booking.
Courses may be cancelled, postponed or relocated if there are insufficient bookings. Payment shall be credited if this occurs.
Course fees that are redeemable against products purchased or specials are only valid on the day of course.
No refund will be considered without 7 business days’ notice of cancellation from the course.
No children permitted in training classes
Attendees to conduct themselves in a professional manner, no disruptive behaviour tolerated.


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