3.5km Handicap

3.5km Handicap
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This weekend the 3.5km runners will be taking off from the Westies club house from 7:20am, all the way through to 7:50am – don’t forget to check your start time so you don’t miss out.

As always there will also be groups heading off for training runs of 5km and 10km distances, at about 7:30am, so everyone is encouraged to come along and join the fun.

The Westies Handicap runs are designed to ensure runners of all speeds and ages get a chance to participate, and compete, by improving their own times. The handicap format makes it possible for slow walkers can compete against fast runners on an equal footing.

First timers are encouraged to come along at 7am, and estimate their run time over 3.5km, so that race organisers can slot them in the right starting time.

After three qualifier races participants are able to compete against their own times for weekly prizes.

Membership costs just $25 per year for adults, $5 per year for children and $2 per run. There’s always plenty of water, tea, coffee and fruit to share after the run.

Join us on Saturday morning for a wonderful start to the weekend.

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