Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Medicine Circle

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Medicine Circle
Event Ended
Event Ended

In the spiritual/energetic world lately - several years in fact - we have been focusing so much on healing the Feminine wounding and filling women up, that the Masculine vibration has been left behind in a way! But we NEED HIM! We need to honour, include and merge with our inner Masculine in His highest frequency, so that our men CAN step up and embody the soul warriors that they are designed to be and remember how to walk with integrity, gentility and power - and always hand in hand and heart to heart with the Feminine.

We are actually all genderless spirits navigating either a male or a female story on this plane.

It's not a competition between men and women and it's not about pointing fingers or giving more energy to one sex over the other either for they are both divine and equal. It's about recognizing our deepest wounds and scars around what is masculine - inside ourselves regardless of gender in this lifetime - and remembering that the essence of Divine Masculine is supportive, strong, loyal, protective and compassionate, not dominating, interrogative, abusive or disconnected. It's time for us all to call in our highest qualities of HIS essence to merge with our HER essence and repair the matrix of separation for ALL our benefits.

On this night - and if you are ready - we will reveal and heal your deepest patterns around:

Childhood and pubescent trauma
Maternal and paternal conditioning (without judgement, just acceptance and forgiveness)
Distorted karmic programming that lingers from past lives and Atlantean grief
Codependent relationships and harmful mental/emotional attachments
Connect with your highest heart energy to receive the sacred vibrations we will be raising and circulating for ALL
Merge your High Priest and High Priestess
Clear any imbalances connected to abuse, submission, coercion, self sabotage or subservience.

The medicine in this new moon ceremony will help bring both vibrations within you, back to a place of balance, integrity, respect, freedom and unconditional love. Together we will set the intention to shift the paradigm to yet another level and claim our alchemic, soverign selves.

Bookings essential as spaces are limited to 30.
Brothers and sisters welcome of course.

Donation: $50

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