★ Star Collectors' Odyssey ★

★ Star Collectors' Odyssey ★
Event Ended
09 Sep 09:00 - 12:00

Argonaut Hotel, 495 Jefferson St

Event Ended

Baby SF will be hosting a breakfast buffet event! ☆
We will start selling tickets to the event on Tuesday, August 15th, 2016 at 12pm ♥


You've been invited to sail away aboard the STAR COLLECTORS' ODYSSEY, so prepare for a mythical adventure! ♥ If you're an enchanting magical girl, don't forget your wand! Or if you're an avid stargazer, remember to bring your star charts to share your latest find ☆ All party attendees will receive a novelty! ★

Doors Open @ 9:00am
Party Starts @ 10:00am
Party Ends @ 12:00pm

Cost: Purchase $25 (excluding tax and sale items) and qualify to purchase a party ticket ($75)


♡ Raffle
♡ Fashion Contest
♡ Special Dress Lottery
♡ Pre-reservation Opportunity


More details: http://baby-aatp.blogspot.com/p/star-collectors-odyssey.html

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