The Psychology of Changing Mindsets Workshop

The Psychology of Changing Mindsets Workshop
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This workshop takes you a step further than our talking event, within this workshop you will see demonstrations and take part in practical exercises developed to help you in the processes of Changing Mindsets. We will go into detail of how some simple and easy to apply changes within your outlook, forward thinking daily routines can make your life and lifestyle the way you want it.


A Changing world

The world is changing all around us with the introduction of new technologies and new ways of interacting. We now find ourselves having to adapt and make sense of things quickly and effectively. Often these changes demand a complete transformation in how we respond to the world. For example nowadays almost everybody carries a mobile phone and knows how to send an email, but we didn’t always have this knowledge. We have had to learn a new set of skills order to adapt to these new technologies and new ways of communicating. If you are unable to adapt and change you’re in danger of being left behind. This is why now more than ever it’s so important to be able to make changes to our lives. And the more able we are to make relevant, practical and easy to apply changes, the more likely we are to succeed and make a success of our lives.

The change process

Achieving lasting change is often unsuccessful because we commonly think of change in linear, causal terms. This is partly to do with how we talk about change through language. For example we describe change in the following way “this caused that”, “he made me do it”. “If only I hadn’t…” And although this is useful for everyday conversation. If we want to be successful at making changes to our lives we have to be far more accurate in how we understand and apply change.


On this workshop you will gain an understanding into how change really works and how to make change work for you. As well as learning how to get yourself motivated, you will learn how to activate yourself so that you are doing the things that make changes possible. You will learn how to use a number of models of change that go far beyond simple cause and effect explanations. We will explore the benefits and limitations of different types of change and how to know which change is right for you in any situation.

By learning through practical hands on experience you will move beyond the theoretical and philosophical explanations of change. This is why we use a state of the art experiential learning approach to give you the opportunity to try out and explore these models of change for yourself.


Learning Outcomes for this training

Understand the different types of change, what they’re useful for and when and how to apply them.
Through managing your own behaviour you will learn how to activate yourself to making change
Develop the skill of knowing how and when to apply different types of change.
Understanding of the limitations and usefulness of a number of different types of change.
Knowledge of the difference between conceptual and philosophical ideas of change and how change actually works.
Learn how to apply the SETS model in order to be more prepared and resourceful for any situation.
Make sense as to why people respond differently to change in similar life situations
Improve how you respond to events in the world when things don’t go the way you expect them to.
Learn how to easily separate and organise behaviour into realistic, manageable chunks, in order to create realistic, successful changes.
How to notice and shift stuck patterns of behaviour.
Moving beyond conceptual and philosophical ideas of change towards how change actually works.

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