Adelaide Rock & Water 3 Day Workshop

Adelaide Rock & Water 3 Day Workshop
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19 Sep 08:30 - 21 Sep 16:00

Rock & Water Central, 345 Carrington Street

Event Ended

The Rock & Water program is an experience that provides young people and adults a pathway to self-awareness, increased self-confidence and social functioning.

There is a strong “social” focus embedded and the program has demonstrated a framework that can deliver key outcomes for schools and students such as:
• Increased positive social behaviour.
• Increased social wellbeing.
• Increased social safety.
• Increased social competence.
• Increased social literacy.

The Rock & Water 3 Day Workshop provides participants with games, strategies, exercises, theory and Rock & Water options that teach young people:

• Verbal and emotional expression.
• Identity development.
• Physical boundaries and personal safety.
• Emotional and behavioural regulation.
• Skills to manage one self.

Topics covered in the program include: intuition, body language, mental strength, empathetic feeling, positive feeling, positive thinking and positive visualising. Discussion topics include bullying, sexual harassment, homophobia, life goals, team work, desires and following an inner compass.

Each participant of the Rock & Water program undergoes a journey of self-awareness as they learn about responding to life with either a “rock” or “water” attitude.

The use of symbolism is central to the success of the Rock & Water program and the reason why young people are drawn to the program. The program is an excellent tool to support young people in finding their grounding, learning how to centre oneself and learning how to self manage in social settings.

Rock & Water Central aims to deliver the highest standard Rock & Water workshops and programs led by Master Instructor Tim Brenton. Tim is an international presenter having delivered the program and workshops around Australia and other parts of the world. He has extensive experience delivering the program to young people in:

• Schools - primary and secondary, private and public.
• Youth sectors.
• Disability sectors.
• Aboriginal communities.

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