Christian Reflections Pop-Up Blog Tour: Camp Clayton

Christian Reflections Pop-Up Blog Tour: Camp Clayton
Event Ended
Event Ended

Imagine a lo-fi conference you actually want to go to: sitting in a comfortable room in your home city, with some tasty eats, fresh coffee and heaps of practical and provocative content.

This is an event for keen Christian people, ministry volunteers, ministry staff and trainees. It also doubles as a fund-raising event for Mikey's work on campus, as all profits go towards his mission support.

Mikey Lynch (Director of Hobart campus ministry, and a founding director of Geneva Push) will be providing juicy, thought-provoking material across the following topics:

— Preaching: Application beyond ‘read your Bible and evangelise more’
—Cultural Engagement: A step by step walk through Josiah —Bartlet’s (from The West Wing) critique of Evangelicalism
—Evangelism: Exciting evangelistic projects that are actually worth it
—Productivity: Planning for semi-regular things and big chunks of things
—Theology: Theological framework for deciding between equally good options
—Leadership: Giving effective feedback and dealing with pushback

The top 3 most popular topics selected upon registration will be the topics for the evening.

Cost: $45
Includes Dinner

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