Implant Dentistry Advanced Course at Zurich University

Implant Dentistry Advanced Course at Zurich University
Event Ended
14 Sep 15:00 - 16 Sep 18:00

Zürich, Switzerland

Event Ended

3-day advanced course in implant dentistry.
Lectures, Hands-on Practical Exercises and Live Clinical Demonstrations on:
•strategically important elements for treatment planning from tooth extraction to final prosthetic reconstruction•how treatment protocols will lead to success
•integration of the digital workflow into your daily business in your practice
•learn how to make clear decisions regarding treatment options at the time of tooth extractions
•learn how to solve complex cases by preoperative soft tissue augmentation
•design of surgical templates and its effects on usability
•guided implant surgery demonstrated by hands-on exercise and live surgery
•make the right decision for the correct implant time point
•learn how GBR procedures look like in 12 years
•to understand what alternatives we have to grafting procedures
•understand how the provisional can be prepared in advance
•how to receive a long lasting aesthetic prosthetic solution.
Organizer: Digital Dental Life
Contact: +41 41 78 385 93

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