NW LoopFest

NW LoopFest
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The NW LoopFest - a performance art presentation of music and technology.

Live looping is artists using hardware/software technologies to instantly record and playback sound. Born from the experimental efforts of early pioneers with magnetic tape and sound recording devices, "Loopers" have expanded into every music genre and into performance art. What I have assembled at this festival are performers who are passionate and serious about their music and their technology.

Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX 3pm
Stargasm - Portland, OR 3:30pm
Twenty Three Suns - Portland, OR 4pm
Luthor Maggot - Corvallis, OR 4:30pm
Waffle Taco - Portland, OR 5pm
Nathan North - Billings, MT 5:30pm
Saundra's Electric Nightlife - Newport, OR 6pm
Gordo - Phoenix, AZ 6:30pm
John Firshi - Sandpoint, ID 7pm
PhiloPhobia - Corvallis, OR 7:30pm
Brothers - Lewiston, ID 8pm
Playboy Smooth - Corvallis, OR 8:45pm
Jessie Davis - Brooklyn, NY 9:30pm

Gear Raffles from Henretta Engineering, Morley Pedals, and Electro-Faustus!
Door prizes from Option Knob and D'Addario!

2017-2018 Sponsors
Henretta Engineering - http://www.henrettaengineering.com/
Option Knob - www.optionknob.com
Electro Faustus - www.electrofaustus.com
Morley Pedals - www.morleypedals.com
D'Addario - www.daddario.com

Co-produced by Saundra Perrin

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