Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi for Health
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Tai Chi for Health is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
The program incorporates gentle stretching exercises with a short form of Tai Chi that you will learn Step by Step over the term at your own pace.

The program uses the principles of all Tai Chi forms incorporating exercises that improve muscular strength, flexibility and fitness. It will focus on weight transference, which improves balance and reduces to risk of falls. Slow controlled movements, which help to relieve pain and stress by strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility.

How to get the best from your Tai Chi experience:

Come to class a few minutes early so we can get settled and start on time.

Come regularly so you don't need to play catch up. It is a sequence so regular attendance is good for you and the class.

Wear comfortable loose clothing and flat soul shoes.

Bring a bottle of water and if necessary a snack if you have low blood sugar.

Tracey is a Certified Tai Chi For Arthritis and Rehabilitation instructor with The Institute for Health, and has 30 years Tai Chi experience.

Cost: $12 per session or $100 for the 10-week course

* Please note the course will run for 11 calendar weeks, as I will be away for one week on October 18. The first date is free to come and try it

Please call Tracey for more information or to enrol on 0408 382 704

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