NYC Holi Hai 2017 - Spring Color Festival

NYC Holi Hai 2017 - Spring Color Festival
Event Ended
06 May 10:00 - 17:00

Governors Island

Event Ended

Hosted by NYC Bhangra Dance Company, the free event ( encourages people to connect, embrace diversity, spread goodwill, joy, love and peace.

We started the festival in a park by the UN Plaza in 2010 with three hundred people who came to celebrate a joyous day of Holi. Over the years, the message of inclusive diversity and interchange of cultures became a movement.
In 2017, we're moving to the Governors Island, with more space and sunshine. We need your support & every single dollar counts towards making this festival possible on Governors Island. Please checkout our video, share our message of diversity & donate here :

Would you like to volunteer & help us in making thousands smile & enjoy this beautiful festival? Send us a message:

****DO ✓
Take the early ferries leaving 10.00am, 10.30am, 11.00am, 11.30am & 12.00pm. It's FREE! Both from Manhattan and Brooklyn. More info :

Pre-order your colors online so youavoid the lines. Group discounted color packs are available here:

The weatherman says it's going to be sunny and bright, so make sure to pick up your sunglasses, sunscreen and beach umbrellas (ok, not the last one).

Bring your kids and all their friends.We have a kids activity area for all ages - slides, bounce-house, "Superball factory", plane launching, obstacle courses and much more!

Invite everyone you know. It's a day of fun and festivities and Holi
represents diversity and equality for people from all backgrounds, cultures and age groups. Share the event on facebookand instagram - it's FREE for everyone to attend!

Wear White. It's going to get messy and colorful and the final result is going to be a stunning visual work of art. Purchase a white t-shirt at the venue or pre-order your t-shirts here.

****DON'T ✘
Please don't bring colors from outside– you will not be allowed to bring them in. Certified, environmentally safe colors will be available at the event for you to purchase. You can pre-order colors here.

Don't bring pets. Unfortunately, our canine and feline friends are not allowed on the ferry (except service dogs).

Don't miss out on foot tapping music by our LIVE band artists, amazing dancers & Indian & Mexican food vendors who are all set to brighten up your day with love & colors!

Don't miss our special class by Iyengar Yoga from 10.30am-11am.

Don't worry about going to work with colors all over you.

Thank You,
NYC Holi Hai Team

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