Lay It Low AUS Presents: Archerfield Drift Track

Event Ended


We're bringing some North Side love down south for our very first South Brisbane event coming at the end of this month!

This one is going to be a ripper. Awesome meet under the lights at Asian Auto Spares Drift Park Archerfield.

The go:
- $5 ENTRY (no, we're not ripping you off :P this cover fee is only for track maintenance and extensions :) )
- Food & Drinks available
- Burnout display > anyone BEFORE 8PM - MUST HAVE MUFFLER
- Photographers
- Stunning LILAUS Promo Girls
- Merchandise
- Raffles > Huge prizes to be won!
- Donations for Youngcare Australia
& much much more!!

Come down to Archie Drift Track for an awesome Friday night out with the LILAUS crew. Let's make our first South Side meet one of the best we've had!

>> This event is a bit more relaxed than our usual events due to it's location, but our 'No Hooning Policy' still applies <<

LILAUS and associated businesses do not condone any 'anti-social' behaviour. This means; no burnouts, STL's, excessive revving outside the venue, no sids down the street or around the event etc., no stupidness.

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