Introduction To Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

Introduction To Shamanism & Shamanic Healing
Event Ended
Event Ended

One day intensive highlighting traditional Shamanic practices going back thousands of years...

In an ideal world we would be born into families that are aware of the gifts we're bringing into our community and would nurture them from an early age. In doing so keeping us true to our nature and not something our culture/race/community wants us to live up to. If this were the case there would be no victims, no bullies and no need for rescuers.
All Shamanic traditions understand that healing takes place at level of the energetic - the blueprint level of our being. To change anything in our lives we need to understand & change it at the point of origin. The origin could be something we experienced in this life or in a former time but the imprint lives our Luminous Energy Field (LEF)
and will continue to do so until we heal it and remove it from there. These imprints dictate everything we manifest in our lives, from patterns, addictions, the day to day events, the people we have/attract in our lives, illnesses and eventually how we will die.
When we start to heal these we start a journey back to our true nature and to truly live a life that's not scripted by others.
In this one day intensive we will learn about ;
- Working in Sacred Space
- Meditation/Journey work
- Power animals/totems
- Understanding the Luminous Energy Field
- Demonstrations of The illumination process, Extraction process, Soul retrieval.

Wear light warm clothing. Cost € 125.00 includes light vegetarian lunch. We'll be starting at 9.30am and finishing around 5.30 pm. Deposit € 75.00 required to book your place. For more info contact me through FB messaging or 0879894200.

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