Miss Jewish fashion show

Miss Jewish fashion show
Event Ended
29 Dec 17:00 - 30 Dec 20:00

Sky Room, 330 West 40th Street

Event Ended

Last Chance to Meet a Date for the New Year Eve Party theme, fashion show and more (FREE)
Mr. Great Fashion show is producing an event:www.facebook.com/GreatFashionModel/if you plan to come for certain please email us so we have your name at the list at the door, we expect to have way more people trying to get in than what sky room has capacity.
Info at MisterGreatProducer@gmail.com or 917 825 8225
Where Sky Room http://skyroomnyc.com/ 330 west 40th St. New York, NY 10018 at the 38th floor, and 39th floor roof top. 21 years old to get in.
When: December 28th Thursday, starts at 5 pm, the show will take place at 9 pm sharp. We specifically put on our page date December 29th so we can have only people who read the description of the event, let the others come next day after the event, again the event will take place on December 28th Thursday not on Friday 29th. A little joke (we will have quite a few jokes ready for you, get ready to party like Borat, Bruno, and Ali G style, we will have many hidden go pro cameras to record audience reaction, be aware we will have comedians in the audience incognito) Do not trust everything you see at the event.
Program has: fashion show, sneak peak to 2018 Fashion Week collection, new dress collection, new lingerie collection, new hats collection, new swimwear collection and top selling products from last 7 seasons by Glow In the dark fashion www.facebook.com/GlowIntheDarkFashion/ we expect to have 24 models
Show will be filmed by BRIC producers and by many youtube channels that have quite an influence. Some of our sponsoring channels have over 20k subscribers and over 300k followers on instagram
We will also have section of the program for trust fund babies performance and share experience.
Models compensation: we will have runway and catwalk class for models, we will have makeup and hair style class for models and photographers who wants to learn how to style a model, we will have stylists and wardrobe and designers teaching there trade and scouting for the talent. We will have certificates for participating models and letters of recommendation, where we will scale you on the ability to walk the runway, the ability to produce facial expressions, strike a pose, following direction, create, and communicate with crew. And our list of honorees will place comments on your certificate and there recommendations for you. Photographers, designers, producers who worked with you in the past will be able to comment on your certificate; we will have it paper and online so folks can follow your accomplishments. We do not see a reason to offer monetary compensation for this event to crew and models because there is not much coloration between having one more model or not in number of the alcohol and table sale that sky room sells, if you can convince us that you have substantial following or a few wealthy individuals are influenced by you than we can consider special compensation package for you. To simplify if you can sell 1000 dollar worth of sponsorship or book tables or bring paying clients than we can offer 20 percent compensation package or work out specific deal for you. Otherwise we can get talent for TFP, for the images and video and credit. We have done it before and it makes no sense to fund it this way, we would rather spend funds on promoting the event where return is feasible, thank you for understanding. You get to have a great time, safe crew, familiar faces, comfortable team, lets create together. Reciprocity works, if you need our services for wedding, photoshoot, video shoot, YouTube video we would gladly assist you. Trade is your time for your time. References: many of you know Patrick, Komissarov, Ulugbek, Akinelly, Natasha, Julia and other crew members, you are welcome to reach out to our friends and talk and see if we honor our commitments in the past. Model scouting has been sources to www.facebook.com/ModelScoutService/in collaboration with www.facebook.com/ModelingAgencyTalent/
We will have a Photo Booth working at the event www.facebook.com/PhotoBoothGurman/
List of activities that will take place at the event
1. Entertainment and fashion industry networking, we expect 12 speakers that include movie producers, executives, angels, famous models, known photographers and film makers to give speeches and many of them will do life Facebook, YouTube and skype key note speeches. Make sure you come at 5 pm for that segment, for more information please see at www.facebook.com/NetworkingFashion/we expect a number of new start ups to pitch live there message with the desire to find crew, funding, to the next step.
2. Art exhibition and auction, if you would like to display your art you can do that for free, hopefully you will find some clients and following for your passion, you can list work art work you will have presented here www.facebook.com/FineArtsGurman/ we for example will bring our collection prints on canvases from the calendars, Megan will bring her work and we will update what other artist will do showing, you are welcome to bring your phones and tablets to demonstrate you collections digitally as well as well as actual art to bring. Starting at 5 pm. Photographers: you are welcome to bring your prints for the exhibition and sale; we do not charge a fee.
3. Film Festival Award ceremony will take place and we have our honorees from BRIC community, from YouTube creators and film makers, please bring your pitches, you can crew up at the event www.facebook.com/FilmFestivalGreat/ currently you would be able to see work by Mr. Great, Komissarov, Ulugbeck, Patrick and few more friends, we hope the list will grow fast shortly
Makeup and hair styling and lesson will be provided by www.facebook.com/MakeupHairDasha/ we have a few friends in the industry who are willing to dedicate there time and knowledge to teach our models to be better at makeup hair styling and wardrobe, it is a free class
Retouch and editing class will be provided by www.facebook.com/RetouchEditing/ you will learn how to work with your images and videos, class if free
Designers will show there collections, we currently counting 7 designers who will show jointly multi generational collection, expect to see models to come in pairs and in groups (mother and daughter, sisters, brother and sister, father and daughter) the look will be cohesive. We will show our new male underwear collection as well. Lead designer is www.facebook.com/GlowInthedarkfashion, we might show our top selling wedding dress collection as well www.facebook.com/WeddingDressLana/
The lead executive producer is www.facebook.com/MrGreatProducer/
DJ and MC and light services provided by www.facebook.com/DJMusicLight/ (we still need one more DJ for the event, please reach out)
Flower arrangement provided www.facebook.com/FlowerArrangementNastia/ all the models will receive flowers as always and who gets the most will win a prize.
List of prices are provided by www.thegroomingbook.com, www.FishingBaitGlue.comwww.SportGirlCalendar.com
Prizes from wedding photography firm 50% off www.facebook.com/WeddingPhotographyGurman
20% off by www.facebook.com/ChildrenPhotographyFilmMaking/
30% off by www.facebook.com/EngagementPhotographyFilm/
10% off by film making services www.youtube.com/user/AlexanderGurman
80% off by www.facebook.com/PetPhotographyVideo
90% off by www.facebook.com/PregnancyPhotography/
20% off by www.facebook.comDedMorozandSnegurochka/
15% off by www.facebook.com/ProductPhotographyFilmMaking/
25% off by www.facebook.com/BirthdayPhotographyVideo/
5% off by www.facebook.com/FilmMakingandVideo/
5% off by www.facebook.com/AdvertisingMarketingAlex/
5% off by www.facebook.com/ChoreographyClass/
Our sponsors www.facebook.com/ModelWeekCompetition/
Media and press sponsored by www.facebook.com/FineArtsGreat/
Model New Year calendars sponsored by www.facebook.com/ModelCalendar/
Fitness for the models provided by www.facebook.com/ConfineFitnessRoutine/
Transportation for the event provided by www.facebook.com/TransportationLimousine/
Ukraine Model Competition assisted www.facebook.com/UkraineModelCompetition/
Website and SEO is provided by www.facebook.com/WebsiteSeoAdvertise/
Bar Mitzvah assisted us www.facebook.comBarMitzvahPhotographyVideo/ thank you
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