TSV Achieving Harmony Workshop & Private Lessons

TSV Achieving Harmony Workshop & Private Lessons
Event Ended
21 Oct 09:00 - 22 Oct 15:00

Nome, Queensland, Australia

Event Ended

You need a purpose for your Horsemanship because a purpose gives it a meaning. This clinic's goal, the reason for progressing in Advancing Freestyle and Finesse is 'ACHIEVING HARMONY'. If a horse never finds out what the purpose behind all the time and effort is, it is easy for him to mentally and emotionally check out. But when he understands the purpose, that's when his heart and desire turns into exuberance.
6 hrs Workshop
Price: $220pp
Please make payment 2 weeks before event.
Sat Start: 9 am Lunch from 12 - 1.30 pm Finish: 4.30 pm
Sun Private Lessons as requested
Auditors welcome! Please phone & book.
You will be able to join in at Simulations and any Q & A sessions during the session.
Please contact me for more info via Messenger, Text or phone.
Mob: 0417 718 167

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