Real Talk Real Change VIII

16 Feb 18:30 - 20:00
2017-02-16T23:30:00+0000 Jacksonville, Florida jacksonville
Jacksonville, Florida


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RTRC VIII: "We Are Women, Hear Us More!!"

Women have made great strides professionally and personally yet still are not valued collectively as they deserve. From the corporate world to the community, they are leaders, workers, caregivers, and in some cases the core of our families. Join the North Florida Chapter of E3 for this dialogue for and about women. Panelists will engage in candid and free flowing conversation about the perceptions, roles, challenges and opportunities for women to make a difference in our families, communities and city during this time of transition and turmoil. No area is off limits and this year we will feature a real time simulcast of the event via social media.

This is the 8th year of what is now the acknowledged largest annual community dialogue in North Florida.

About Real Talk... Real Change (RTRC)

Real Talk... Real Change was developed by E3 National Director and Founder Anthony M. Butler, Sr. and created through the efforts of E3 Business Group, Inc. The purpose of Real Talk... Real Change is to provide a forum for open and honest dialogue (Real Talk) around a topic which is underexposed or ignored by traditional organizations. Local organizations which focus on the topic and actually serve the community are provided with an opportunity to expose citizens to their mission and allow individuals to become engaged to make a difference collectively (Real Change) The first RTRC was inspired by Mr. Butler's work with JCCI as Chair of a subcommittee for the Infant Mortality Task Force. the initial purpose of the event was RTRC I: Breaking The Cycle of Infant Mortality was attended by over 400 citizens and set the standard for future events. "The event was actually birthed from a canceled meeting. I and men's advocate Ronnie Cage were talking about how we could show men they had a part to play." recalls Mr. Butler "I said we need to have an event that is real talk and Ronnie said yeah but it don't mean nuthin without real change" RTRC has been sponsored in the past by Florida Blue, CSX, numerous small businesses and lifetime sponsor The Law Office of Kevin M. Cobbin.

RTRC VIII Panelists - To Be Announced!!

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About E3 Business Group, Inc.

E3 has developed into one of the truly unique organizations in the U.S. The organization takes aspiring entrepreneurs and provides them with the knowledge and tools to become successful leaders in business while simultaneously helping nurture their passion to help them become successful leaders of advocacy in their communities. E3, since its inception in 1993 has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs start, grow and enhance themselves as business owners. The organization is represented by over 1,000 businesses in 18 cities nationwide and is currently preparing to create its first international chapter in 2017. E3 is a national partner with the Small Business Administration and has collaborated with over 40 organizations of business, education and community development over the past 23 years. The North Florida Chapter has been in existence since 2009 and is represented by nearly 150 business owners and community advocates.

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