How To Direct Commercials (Become a Commercial Director)

How To Direct Commercials (Become a Commercial Director)
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Do you want to become a director of digital commercials for big brands or even local businesses?

Learn how to direct your own digital commercial spec to get noticed with writer, director and producer, Carlos Gutierrez of No Parachute Films.

You will learn:

- How to Develop a Commercial Concept

- How to Get Started with a Concept?

- How to Pick Your Brand for Your Spec Ad?

- How to Bring Your Vision to the Commercial?

- How to Write Your Script?

- How to Produce a Commercial

- How to Prep Production?

- How to Scout Locations?

- How to Cast Actors?

- How to Assemble Your Crew?

- How to Rent Film Equipment?

- How to Direct a Commercial?

- How to Direct a Commercial?

- How to Complete a Commercial?

About Carlos:

Carlos Gutierrez is a film and television director whose work has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Emmy Award, and has been featured on HBO and Showtime. In the commercial world, Carlos is a highly sought after director who works on national campaigns for Turbo Tax, Princess Cruises, Exxon / Mobil, Chevy and numerous others. His commercial work for clients includes a Super Bowl commercial and PSA's that have won international recognition. Born and raised in Miami, Carlos Gutierrez did his undergraduate studies at Tufts University, where his honors thesis project, a documentary entitled JOURNEY INTO EXILE, garnered numerous awards in the festival circuits, including the NY Independent Film Festival and the World Fest Houston. After Tufts, Carlos was awarded a Graduate Fellowship to New York University’s prestigious Master’s Film Program.

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