Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner

Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner
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Many extractions look easy but can soon become difficult, time consuming, and lead to complications. This course reviews the best techniques and instruments to remove “surgical” extractions easily and quickly while conserving bone. From that primary emphasis, Dr. Koerner branches to other related surgery subjects that use many of the same instruments and principles.

These include:
• The most common suturing techniques and materials
• Avoiding sinus problems
• Predictable socket grafting techniques (without company hype)
• Ridge preparation for immediate dentures
• Bleeding management during surgery
• Review of moderate third molar impaction essentials (anatomy and step-by-step guidelines)
• Review of mini-implants for denture stabilization
• Anxiety control for apprehensive surgery patients
• I&D in general practice, discussion of antibiotic usage
• Incisional/excisional biopsies
• Bisphosphonates
• Other discussions as time permits

Hands-on Session:
This part of the course uses life-like dentoform models on which surgical procedures are performed.

The following procedures will be done on the models:
• Full-thickness mucoperiosteal flaps (envelope and triangular)
• Suturing (interrupted/surgeon’s knot, cross-suture, continuous-lock)
• Surgical extractions (multiple root-tip removals with several different methods)
• Alveoplasty
• Socket grafting (bone graft and barrier membrane)
• Moderate third molar impaction (mesioangular)
• Excisional biopsy
• Incision and drainage

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