Perspectiva Artificialis

Perspectiva Artificialis
Event Ended
Event Ended

/// Part of EXPLORATIONS 2017 ///

All night, Paolo Uccello used to stay in his study trying to work out the vanishing points in his perspective, and when his wife called him to bed, he would say, “Oh, what a lovely thing this perspective is!”’
Giorgio Vasari
The Lives of the Artists, 1550

Lovely and infuriating. Tantalising and terrifying. Visible and always out of reach. In perspectiva artificialis, the vanishing point always lies beyond what you can actually see. But does this mean you shouldn’t move towards it?

Written, performed and directed by Fiona Rutkay
Co-created by Jack Moon and Fiona Rutkay
Directorial advice by Jack Moon and Alice Cummins
Music by Ken Herrera
Set design by Rachel Joy
Image by Sarah Walker

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