Civilian Military Skills 1

Civilian Military Skills 1
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Day 1 - MS 1 - Skills & Drills
€79.99 Per Person
General info:
This course is designed for anyone over the age of 18 who has zero experience with firearms but want to be safe and competent if they are ever required to use them; regardless of whether or not that is on a film set or during a live terrorist attack. Our training ethos is to overtrain our students with live firing weapons so not only do you understand the full implications of firearms use and safety but also can understand the practical applications of such firearms.

Rifles are the focus on this one day course with specific emphasis on the AK and M4 platforms which are most commonly used in conflict zones all over the world.

Starting at 0900 at our Training Area in Sofia, this day is spent honing your weapon handling skills, tactics and unarmed combat and getting used to moving with a weapon system safely and effectively.

Actors Please Note: This course DOES NOT provide a certificate to allow the student to audition and take roles for “Armed Actors” parts but provides confirmation that the student is suitable for military and law enforcement roles where weapons are not used (but usually carried).

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