ThermaScan Clinic

ThermaScan Clinic
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16 Nov 09:00 - 18:00

Wycoff Wellness, 1226 Michigan Ave

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Thermography (breast thermal imaging)

Thermography is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that's safe in detecting hidden inflamation. Breast Thermography is one of the best early warning screenings available today for your breast health awareness.

As part of a woman's annual health screening, it is safe for women of all ages. Thermography is able to screen hard to reach areas such as the axilla (arm pits) and upper chest area. Once a breast baseline image is established, thermography will be able to detect physiological changes over time. This technique is available at the Wycoff Wellness Center in East Lansing, Michigan.

It is particular useful for women who:
Have dense breast tissue or larger breasts
Are uncomfortable with breast compression or pain associated with mammograms
Have had surgical breast reductions or implants
Have undergone mastectomy
Are pregnant or nursing

If your breast health falls in one of the catagories mentioned above Breast Thermography may be for you!

To set up your consultation call us at (517) 333-7270

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