Transmissions X - 10th anniversary edition, Ravenna Italy

Transmissions X - 10th anniversary edition, Ravenna Italy
Event Ended
24 Nov 18:00 - 26 Nov 23:00

Bronson, Via Cella 50

Event Ended

Associazione Culturale BRONSON presents:

24-25-26 NOVEMBER | RAVENNA (Italy)


►Full Subscription (limited to 50) + screen print : 30€
►Single days:
Day 1: 20€ presale / 22€ at the door
Day 2: 13€ presale / 15€ at the door
Day 3: 5€ con visita alla mostra Montezuma, Fontana, Mirko.

Ulver ● Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe ● Lorenzo Senni ● Daniel O'Sullivan ● Stian Westerhus ● Bus de la Lum (Nico Vascellari) ● Adriano Zanni ● Matteo Vallicelli ● Tiresia (Bruno Dorella - stefano ghittoni) ● Mai Mai Mai ● Cristian Naldi

24th Nov - Artificerie Almagià - Via dell'almagià 2, Ravenna
in collaborazione con Cooperativa E
Ulver + Bus De La Lum + Stian Westerhus + Tiresia

25th Nov - Bronson - Via cella 50, Ravenna
Lorenzo Senni + Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe + Matteo Vallicelli + Daniel O'Sullivan

26 Nov - TRANSMISSIONS OFF @ Mar - Museo d'Arte della città di Ravenna - in collaborazione con Boring Machines e Mar - Museo D'arte della città di Ravenna
Adriano Zanni + Mai Mai Mai + Cristian Naldi
Onga dj set

It has been a long journey in Modern Music around the World, and this year Transmissions Festival turns 10!
The intimate Festival that loves drones, analog electronics, avant garde, weird folk, psych waves, and contemporary art will celebrate this anniversary edition with lots of fellow travelers that shared the path with us on this adventure through time and space. Stay Tuned!

artwork by Alexander Tucker
With the support of Comune di Ravenna and Regione Emilia-Romagna
Media partners: Rumore Mucchio Selvaggio Noisey Italia The New Noise Zero Bologna

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