Explore your Core

Explore your Core
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There is more to the core than a great and strong looking abdomen.
Sedentary modern lifestyle created an epidemic of weak abdominal muscles and a tendency to use our back and joints to compensate for their lack of strength. Without strong core ribs sink toward pelvis, shoulders and and head pull forward causing tension not only in the upper but lower back as well.

Furthermore, our abdomen is a common place to hold anxiety, fear and negative thoughts.
Constant contraction or tension in this area will only give these emotions more chance to harden and remain within causing blockages and stagnation in body and mind. This limits the energy flow within our being, prevents us from effortlessly gliding through life as well as more challenging asanas, such as arm balances or inversions.

In this workshop we will nurture our body’s centre of power by getting rid off the tension in this area through softening and releasing the abs, hips and outer seams of our body in order to let go.
We will get to know the different groups of core muscles and what they do through asana practice. Increasing your core strength will improve your balance, alleviate back discomfort, tone abdominal organs, stimulate digestive fire, and have a positive impact on your mind by increasing emotional resilience.

Open to yoga practitioners of all levels apart from those who are pregnant.
If you have any serious abdominal ailments or back injuries then intense ab workout is not recommended.
Please allow 4 hours for a heavy meal to be digested so no big lunch before the workshop :-)

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