Documentation Clinic, Part II for Reflexologists

Documentation Clinic, Part II for Reflexologists
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Take your documentation to the next level. This advanced class will refine your reflexology documentation skills to prepare you for real-world reflexology practice as well as ARCB certification standards. Instructor Pam Foster will cover advanced notation methodology, structural and pain assessment, and how to integrate new or alternative reflexology techniques into your session documentations. We suggest taking this class at least half-way through your reflexology training. Please bring 1 recently completed documentation to class for in-class review. Sat or Sun 9 am—1 pm (4 credits)
PREREQUISITES: Documentation I and at least 20 documented practice hours
$100 ($120 with late enrollment)

January 29 (Sun; $120 after Jan 14)
May 13 (Sat; $120 after Apr 28)
November 12 (Sun; $120 after Oct 28)

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