Kari Rueslåtten / Milano / Blueshouse

Kari Rueslåtten / Milano / Blueshouse
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30 Nov 21:00 - 23:59

Blueshouse, Via Sant'Uguzzone 26

Event Ended

Kari Rueslåtten has one of the finest voices in alternative Nordic folk-pop, and is the queen of melancholia.

The new recording, titled “Silence is the Only Sound”, reaffirms Rueslåtten’s ability to deliver incredible vocals laden with dark-edged melancholy. “The new music evokes elements from my rural Norwegian heritage” she explains, “and incorporates memories of folk tales and music passed on to me from my father”.

On her live show Kari Rueslåtten presents her new album Silence Is The Only Sound, but also other songs from her 20 year long solo carrier – including the her brand new English version of the title track of her first solo album – Spellbound.

”With sparing arrangements she delivers beautiful, melancholy tones – just close your eyes and allow yourself to be seduced”.

”You’ll have to search hard to find anything remotely similar”.

These are some of the word reviewers used to describe Kari Rueslåtten live performances.
Kari Rueslåtten has an extraordinary voice. Her natural talent combined with classical training and roots and inspiration from both the Norwegian and Celtic folk music tradition, has resulted in a voice “of rare magnificence”, as one reviewer described.

Kari was one of the founder members of the progressive doom metal band The 3rd and the Mortal. The band was a source of inspiration for many other bands worldwide, among them Nightwish and The Gathering. After leaving The 3rd and the Mortal in 1995 she has released the solo albums Spindelsinn (1997), Mesmerized (1998), Pilot (2001), Other People’s Stories (2004), Time to Tell (2013), To The North (2015) and Silence Is The Only Sound (2017).

Welcome to be carried away into Kari Rueslåtten’s amazing musical landscape.

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