The Rainbow Goddess "taster"

The Rainbow Goddess "taster"
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Event Ended

'What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi
In Jamuary'18 the second group of " The rainbow Goddess" - a course in self-involvement. will start
A course of 7 x 6 hour sessions, once monthly from January until November, intentionally spread out to give the participant time to absorb and practice the content of the teachings).
Commiting to a series of lessons can be daunting, especially if you are not sure whether or not it's your cup of tea!!!!
Therefore I will teach this introduction "taster" lesson on Sunday (costs 15 euro), which should give you an idea about the content to make any decision-making easier. If you decide to join the course, this 15 euro will be discounted.
There is nothing more exciting than getting to know our "true Self", The Goddess within!
As we know from our class experiences, one of the best ways to gain knowledge about ourselves is through the practice of yoga, yet often a lack of "yogic tools" mean that our home practice is slow, uninspired or non-existant.

This course has been designed to ignite your home practice and inspire you to incorporate more yoga into your daily life, to live from the heart and recognise the Goddess within.

Each month we will practice a particular mantra, flow, pranayama and meditation, pertaining to one of the chakras, one of the elements and one of the Hindu Goddesses. We will learn about the workings and philosophy of our chakra system, the elements and the many faces of The Goddess. Support will be offered in the form of a reader, a cd ,short films and will be provided throughout the course.

Please only join me for this taster if you are seriously commited to deeper teachings and a more regular practice.
Secure your place by transfering 15 euro to my account and booking your place on line
Price info and dates will follow soon

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