Seminar: Potentializing

Seminar: Potentializing
Event Ended
Event Ended

POTENTIAL-IZING: Raising your self-esteem through praise and acknowledgement to experience your full potential.

The language of praise: As children many of us were exposed to and learned a language of judgement and criticism, rather than praise and acknowledgement. Criticism has a tendency to decrease self-esteem; we will be practicing the Language of Praise to increase our self esteem and realize our full potential, while developing our intuitive skills.

Sections of the Seminar:
~Reframing the concept of mistakes and forgiving them.
~Self-empowerment: What do you like, love, or appreciate about yourself?
~Becoming more perceptive and intuitive about others in order to give praise.
~Giving and receiving praise and acknowledgement.

Financial Investment by suggested donation of $20-$40 - any amount gratefully accepted.

RSVP by email at: or text or call 832-721-3011.

Seminar Facilitator and contact is Liah Holtzman.

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