Delta Region Autocross #11

Delta Region Autocross #11
Event Ended
Event Ended

We will provide water FREE for all racers. Snacks are $0.50. Water is $0.25 per bottle or 4 bottles for $1 for spectators.

Tech: ---------------------- 8am-9:30am
Drivers Meeting -------- 9:45am
Cars in Grid ------------ 10:10am
First Car on course -- 10:15am

Entry Fees

$30.00 - SCCA Members
$40.00 - non-SCCA Members

+$10.00 On-site registration penalty.

Pre-registration at:

** Changes to Double Entry Program **

* This applies to all future events *

Double Entry "Double your runs", will now be sold at registration the morning of event and open to the first Ten SCCA members that check-in. Price will remain $30 and program will run as normally during the event. Or you can use the DE to opt out of working.

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