Naomi Klein in Conversation with Charlie Demers

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**NOTE: Online sales have ended, but a LIMITED NUMBER of tickets will be available AT THE DOOR. $10 (cash only). These seats will be to the side of the stage, so sightlines may not be the best. Those looking for tickets should arrive around 6:30pm at St. Andrew's Wesley United Church.**

Join us as bestselling author Naomi Klein presents her new book,
No Is Not Enough, and takes on Trump's shock politics.

In conversation with author Charlie Demers.

A Vancouver Writers Fest special event in association with the leap.
Supported by The Tyee and Discourse Media.

Donald Trump’s takeover of the White House is a dangerous escalation in a world of cascading crises. His reckless agenda will generate waves of disasters and shocks to the economy, national security, and the environment.

In No Is Not Enough, Naomi Klein embraces a lively conversation with the reader to expose the forces behind Trump's success and explain why he is not an aberration but the product of our time--Reality TV branding, celebrity obsession and CEO-worship, Vegas and Guantanamo, fake news and vulture bankers all rolled into one. And she shares a bold vision, a clear-eyed perspective on how to break the spell of his shock tactics, counter the rising chaos and divisiveness at home and abroad, and win the world we need.

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Naomi Klein in Conversation
Saturday, June 24 at 7:30pm
St. Andrew's Wesley United - 1022 Nelson St., Vancouver
Tickets: $10 + service charge
*Skip the line by pre-ordering your copy of No Is Not Enough online for $25*

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